After Defi, the next trend will be The DAO! IOG’s huge potential will surpass LINK

With the explosion of DEX, Oracles and other domains, the value of locked assets in DeFi has exceeded US$7.6 billion (data source: DeBank). Looking at the FOMO

(fear of missing out) style to launch in major exchanges, it is not difficult to know how hot the market is nowadays.

As the leading project of the Oracle, LINK has continued to skyrocket in market value, surpassing the veteran mainstream token such as BSV and BCH, ranking 5th. The skyrocketing growth of LINK has also caused investors to hype on the project of the Oracle. As that one person gets to the top, all his friends and relatives are able to share the glory.

Following to Oracle, investors in the market are also secretly looking for the next “trend”.

Is DAO carving out a niche of it own?

Decentralized autonomous organization DAO refers to an autonomous organization that runs rules through smart contracts, and all transactions and rules are encoded on the blockchain. It can be simply understood as: DAO is a tool to coordinate human activities.

DAO was first proposed in 2015, but compared with public chains, DeFi, cloud storage, etc., it seems to be in an “invisible” state. Although the concept of DAO has existed for many years, DAO has gradually withdrawn from the public since the sensational “The DAO hacking incident” caused the Ethereum Fork in 2016.

The current leading project in the DAO domain is undoubtedly Aragon, a decentralized governance platform built on Ethereum. It provides companies and organizations with a modular way to create and manage Dapps, encryption protocols, and decentralized organizations.

On-chain governance voting is used to determine the use of funds and future development of Aragon.

In addition, Aragon also launched a decentralized arbitration court. The token used in the arbitration court is ANJ. Jurors in the Aragon court to get the final result will arbitrate evens that cannot be executed by the smart contract. Community members need to mortgage 10,000 ANT tokens to generate ANJ tokens in proportion to become jurors.

With DeFi projects such as Compound,, Curve and other DeFi projects successively launching governance tokens, the three major exchanges of Binance, OKEx, and Huobi launched ANT tokens on the same day. Making investors with sensitive sense knowing that the decentralized autonomous organizations DAO seems to be re-emerging.

IOG community ecology uses quantitative unblocking and staking mining contracts to attract a large number of investors from all over Asia to participate. Users staking and unblock nearly 2 million USDT daily to create IOG a stable buying and trading volume. All kinds of entertainment games are available in the community by using IOG token. IOG Token. To start the abundant VIP bonus system, you must use at least 100,000 IOG tokens, which create nearly 100,000 users in just two months to crave for joining the community. With the rapid growth in the number of community members, the demand for IOG tokens continues to increase, that the IOG community is building towards The DAO. This market value potential is highly concerned by major institutions and magnates.

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