IOG DEFI is officially launched on 11/1 13:00. In order to create better liquidity, the five mining pools will be marked and opened. One mining pool will be opened every 20 days. A tenfold increase in WIOG will definitely be possible!

USDT Mining Pool (WIOG + USDT) 2020. 11/1
ETH Mining Pool (WIOG + ETH) 2020. 11/21
IOG mining pool (WIOG + IOG) 2020. 12/11
YFI Mining Pool (WIOG + YFI) 2020. 12/31
SUSHI mining pool (WIOG + SUSHI) 2021.1/20

Playgroundz is devoted to building a blockchain game ecology. It has started ecological Dapp development in 2017. After the completion of the Dapp in 2018, it developed the ecological application token IOG in 2019 and listed on the BIKI exchange in June of the same year. Large-scale promotional tours are carried out in European and Asian countries. The completion of the hardware is only the beginning. The key to its ecology is that the vitality of the community, which is known as “high users engagement”. …

With the explosion of DEX, Oracles and other domains, the value of locked assets in DeFi has exceeded US$7.6 billion (data source: DeBank). Looking at the FOMO

(fear of missing out) style to launch in major exchanges, it is not difficult to know how hot the market is nowadays.

As the leading project of the Oracle, LINK has continued to skyrocket in market value, surpassing the veteran mainstream token such as BSV and BCH, ranking 5th. The skyrocketing growth of LINK has also caused investors to hype on the project of the Oracle. …

The Great Depression! With the exception of China, the pandemic has spread out of control around the world. Offline economic like tourism and tourism have been cut off, and other industries have been affected by the gradual disintegration of economic chains, such as U.S. stocks circuit breaker, and oil price turned negative. The grassroots of all fields are facing a comprehensive crisis of suspension of pay and layoffs.

However, the online industry is booming due to the closure of cities and home quarantine in various countries, especially the revenue of the game industry has repeatedly hit record high! Switch game…

For investors in the crypto currency field, DeFi was obscure in the blockchain industry in the past few years, but it has become the dominant player in the field in a short time. From June to September this year, DeFi has gone through a quarter and experienced a crazy moneymaking effect. This year is the most explosive year of DeFi. One day DeFi is one year is the field. It is obvious that the blockchain industry is indeed a place to creating miracles.

Playgroundz is devoted to building a blockchain game ecology. It has started ecological Dapp development in 2017…

The attractiveness of decentralized applications (Dapp) may less than the attractiveness of decentralized finance (DeFi) to the public. The trend in the highlight of “Decentralized Application Trend Report for the Third Quarter of 2019” in’s , is obviously shown that the growth rate of Dapp in Q3 is great slower than Q1.

The total transaction volume reached 2.03 billion US dollars in Q3. Though the total volume is still high, it has declined nearly 40% compared with Q2 of this year.

The blockchain entertainment community is quite prospective

EOS and TRON become the Las Vegas casinos for blockchain version

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has risen rapidly. Cross-chain, blockchain oracles, and DAO blockchain self-organization is now all the rage in this field. Which have also brought huge wealth effects and have attracted widespread attention from all society. 2019 is the first year of DeFi. Although DeFi is still in the early stages of development, its amount and participation have increased exponentially.

Currently, assets with a total value of at least US$850 million are locked in the DeFi ecosystem. For the crypto-asset industry, there will be explosive growth and brilliant innovations in both DeFi applications and protocols in 2020.

Recently, the Playgroundz-IOG…


Playgroundz is the google of the video game industry, pioneering community integration of “entertainment”, “liquid mining”, “quantitative unblocking” and “Defi”

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